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  • climbing up not the shortcut to good photography
  • 'silk road' captured in planted field

    'silk road' captured in planted field

    the crop designs feature camels, desert elements, the flying apsaras (the symbol of dunhuang art), jiayu pass, and the roman colosseum, which all relate to the ancient trade route.

  • water-sprinkling festival in yunnan

    water-sprinkling festival in yunnan

    people celebrate the water-sprinkling festival in dai autonomous prefecture of xishuangbanna, southwest china's yunnan province, april 15, 2015.

  • may day is play day

    may day is play day

    may day holiday travel is expected to be more than twice that of the recent april 4-6 tomb sweeping day. floods of visitors will land in japan and south korea, for example, because of favorable visa policies and a stronger yuan, a report by major chinese online travel company ctrip says.

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